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Aluminium carbonate is a stable species formed on aluminium oxide surfaces when exposed đồ sộ CO2. Let us see how Al2(CO3)3 and HNO3 react with each other in this article.

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Aluminium carbonate [Al2(CO3)3] reacts with Nitric acid (HNO3) đồ sộ sườn aluminium carbonate, water and carbon dioxide. Nitric acid (HNO3) is a strong oxidising agent. Aluminium carbonate [Al2(CO3)3] is one of the few carbonates of aluminium present that have a weak alkaline nature.

We will discuss the key facts of the HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 reaction, lượt thích redox reaction, balance chemical equation and net ionic equation through the article below.

What is the product of HNO3 and Al2(CO3)3

Aluminium nitrate [Al(NO3)3], carbon dioxide (CO2) and water are the products of HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 reaction. Thus, the chemical equation for this reaction is,

HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 = Al2(NO3)3 + CO2 + H2O

What type of reaction is HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3

HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 is a reaction between metal carbonate and acid. Here Al2(CO3)3 is the metal carbonate and HNO3 is an acid.

How đồ sộ balance HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3

The balanced chemical equation for HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 reaction is,

HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 = Al2(NO3)3 + CO2 + H2O

  • In the unbalanced chemical equation, designate each reactant and product a variable (a, b, c & d) representing the unknown coefficient.
  • a HNO3 + b Al2(CO3)3 = c Al2(NO3)3 + d CO2 + e H2O
  • Now, write the relevant quantity of reactant and products.
  • H = a = 2e, N = a = 3c, O = 3a + 9b = 9c + 2d + e, Al = 2b = 2c, C = b = d.
  • Using the gaussian elimination method, determine the solution of the above linear equation, which are as follows;
  • a = 6, b = 1, c = 2, d = 3, e = 3.
  • Thus, after substituting these values, the balanced chemical equation is,
  • 6HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 = 2Al2(NO3)3 + 3CO2 + 3H2O

HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 titration

The titration between HNO3 and Al2(CO3)3 is an acid-base titration. The endpoint will be determined at the point of neutralization.

Apparatus used:

Burette, funnel, conical flask, beaker, burette stand, pipette.


Methyl orange is used as an indicator.


  • Wash, rinse and fill the burette with standardised Al2(CO3)3 solution and note the initial reading.
  • Pipette 10mL of HNO3 in a conical flask and add 2-3 drops of methyl orange đồ sộ it.
  • Start titrating the HNO3 solution by adding Al2(CO3)3 solution đồ sộ the conical flask in a dropwise manner.
  • Note the reading of the burette when the colour of the solution changes đồ sộ yellow.
  • Repeat these steps đồ sộ get concurrent readings.
  • Concentration of HNO3 solution is calculated using the equation SHNO3 VHNO3 = SAl2(CO3)3 VAl2(CO3)3.

HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 net ionic equation

The net ionic equation for HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 reaction is,

6H+ (aq.) + Al2(CO3)3 (s) = 2Al3+ (aq.) + 3H2O (l) + 3CO2 (g)

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  • Write the general balanced chemical equation.
  • 6HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 = 2Al2(NO3)3 + 3CO2 + 3H2O
  • Dedicate each compound đồ sộ its chemical state (s, l, g, or aq.).
  • 6HNO3 (aq.) + Al2(CO3)3 (s) = 2Al2(NO3)3 (aq.) + 3CO2 (g) + 3H2O (l)
  • Split the strong electrolytes into their respective ions in an aqueous solution.
  • 6H+ (aq.) + 6NO3 (aq.) + Al2(CO3)3 (s) = 2Al3+ (aq.) + 6NO3 (aq.) + 3H2O (l) + 3CO2 (g)
  • Cancel the spectator ions đồ sộ obtain the net ionic equation.
  • 6H+ (aq.) + Al2(CO3)3 (s) = 2Al3+ (aq.) + 3H2O (l) + 3CO2 (g)

HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 conjugate pairs

HNO3 and Al2(CO3)3 have the following conjugate acid-base pairs,

  • The conjugate basic pair of HNO3  is NO3.
  • The conjugate pair of H2O contains H2O and its conjugate base OH.

HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 intermolecular forces

HNO3 and Al2(CO3)3 have the following intermolecular forces,

  • The intermolecular force between Al2(CO3)3 is an ionic bond as it is an ionic compound.
  • Hydrogen bonding is present in the HNO3 molecule.
  • H2O contains hydrogen bonding and dipole-dipole interaction.
  • CO2 Contains London forces of attraction.

Is HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 a buffer solution

HNO3 and Al2(CO3)3 is not buffer solution because HNO3 is a strong acid and we need a weak acid or base đồ sộ produce a buffer solution.

Is HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 a complete reaction

The HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 reaction is a complete reaction and no further dissociation or substitution is possible.

Is HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 an exothermic or endothermic reaction

HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 reaction is exothermic reaction the evolution of heat accompanies metal carbonates and acid reactions.

Exothermic reaction reaction graph

Is HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 a redox reaction

HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 reaction is not a redox reaction because the oxidation state of each atom remains the same throughout the reaction.

Is HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 a precipitation reaction

HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 reaction is not a precipitation reaction no solid product is formed obtained at the over of the reaction.

Is HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 reversible or irreversible reaction

The HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 reaction is irreversible reaction as the CO2 gas evolved cannot be reverted into the reaction mixture.

Is HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 displacement reaction

HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 reaction is not a displacement reaction; rather, it is a derivative of an acid-base reaction because here HNO3 act as an acid and Al2(CO3)3.


This article concludes that metal carbonates and acids react đồ sộ sườn carbon dioxide, salt and water. Acid-metal carbonates can be categorised under acid-base reaction as metal carbonates also have some basic character. HNO3 + Al2(CO3)3 reaction is undefined as the calculation of the enthalpy of formation for Al2(CO3)3 is difficult.

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